Footwear for the lady carrying the weight of two!

Pregnancy is a time of gentleness and grace in a woman. Yet it is also a time when almost everything changes about her! This time of expectations and joy can be wonderful as long as the woman takes small precautions and steps to stay healthy and safe. Choosing the right foot wear is absolutely critical for pregnant women. It’s simply because pregnancy alters so many physical parameters, almost on a daily basis. The first change is of course the addition of weight and the slight curvature of the spine affected by the growing embryo. Your footwear has to bear up and support your new weight gain.

Secondly, the feet themselves change shape, from the second trimester on-wards till delivery, during the pregnancy. Water retention and hormonal changes can cause swollen feet, in some cases even alter foot shape. It’s imperative that the footwear is flexible enough to take these changes.

tip for choosing pregnancy ladies footwear

Some simple Dont’s when choosing ladies footwear:-

No to very high heels! Stilettos and pencil heels place a great strain on the lower back and lower abdomen. They also tend to strain the ligaments of the feet and ankles. Now, pregnant women already have their lower backs and stomachs in very tender states…a massive set of heels could stretch them further and result in long term ill effects. High heels can also cause slippages and falls making them extremely dangerous to pregnant women.

No to tight shoes! When your feet are already painful from various pregnancy related reasons, don’t add to their torture by wearing tight shoes, especially one made of inflexible material. A tight shoe also presents the danger of cutting of blood supply to the feet and cause more swelling and pain.

No to shoes with too many strings! This footwear with lots of strings and ropes to tie them don’t offer a good balance for the feet and legs and can be the reason to end up in a fall!

No to hard soled footwear! These are not shock absorbent at all and can be tough on the feet. Moreover they tend to slip easily.

No to completely closed shoes! A woman heavily can suffer from feet that sweat more than usual. Fully in closed, tight footwear can aggravate the sweating and cause fungal infections of the feet.

No to pointed toes! Feet tend to widen during pregnancy

Instead we recommend smart slippers and sandals with one or more of the following attributes:

Yes to smart heels! Small box heels will distribute the weight of the foot evenly across the footwear. They do not distort walking patterns and yet give a very smart appearance. They help in balanced walking without resulting in misshapen feet and low back pain.
Yes to soles made of thick rubber or cork! These two materials are both terrific in taking on excess weight and making the wearer comfortable with it. Rubber soles also prevent slippages and falls.

Yes to pretty straps! Strappy sandals are not only elegant to look at but their open design will allow the feet to and ankles to breathe.

Cool sneakers: If you have to walk for a considerable period of time, then we recommend doing so in sneakers. These casual shoes offer sporty look yet cushion the feet and prevent feet tiredness.

Yes to cool bellies and slip-ons! These make for great style statements yet remain loose fitting and very, very comfortable. Perfect for the pregnant woman who is keen to look good and not just feel good.

Yes to open toed sandals! Team them up with light heels and you can make a rocking appearance without compromising on sheer comfort. Remember that the toe hold must be strong for that confident stride.

Yes to Mojris and flat slippers! Indulge in the most colourful Mojris and slippers for both can prep your feet for a super duper occasion and yet keep your feet aired and cool.

So go ahead and indulge in whatever footwear you want! Slippers, sandals, dress slippers, shoes and sneakers, just keeping the above points in mind. For your shoes should reflect the inner joy that is already making you glow.

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