Best VKC Sandals for Men Who Want to Cover Their Foot

Yes, you’ve not had the time to do your toe nails or you’ve been walking more than ever and your heels are revealing that with more cracks! Or you’ve been having some corn problems or perhaps sprouts of hair that you wish never grew! Then it’s time to go for an occasion or an important meeting where you’re wearing your best clothes, and you look down at your feet and wish to immediately hide them!

Relax for mens footwear fashion understands the rough and tough moments in your life and has created the covered foot wear in many snazzy styles.


VKC with its over 400 new designs for men has a great range that covers en’s feet very, very smartly. Take a look at some of the super cool toe and feet covering styles:

The Close toed, fisherman’s sandal: Smart strips of curled rope or flat strips of faux leather create a web over the feet, distracting the eye from your foot and bringing it on to the foot wear. These sandals are available in VKC Pride, VKC Trendz ranges. The casual tan, brown and pale yellow sandals can be paired with jeans and shirt/T. Shirt or with casual slacks and trousers too.

The gladiator sandals: These chic, suave sandals with thick strips of faux leather going across the feet uppers are available in VKC Pride, VKC Trendz, Skalino ranges. These casual men’s sandals come with and without toe support. They bring the rugged outdoors man look to your feet.

The sporty floaters: This hangout ready footwear range comes in myriad styles. The Velcro based toe band uppers, the dual toned vertical criss-crosses, the super smart sling backs, and they all make your feet look great. VKC brands offer these floaters across its brands and in super good colours. These sandals come in carbon black, cool blue, red and black and so much more!

The open toed, covered slippers: These smart slippers with large swathes and bands of faux leather sweeping across the feet will hide all blemishes even as they raise their attractiveness!

The casual canvas slip-ons: This is a great way to cover feet and yet look light and sporty. VKC offers these fully covered casual shoes in the VKC Trendz range.

As with all of VKC’s brands, these superior, covered sandals, slippers, floater and canvas footwear can be bought online in the VKC site itself or through any popular and reputed online footwear store.

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