Children’s footwear is more about health, comfort and safety

Choosing the footwear for kids is a serious job! This is because their sandals and shoes can actually affect the health of the feet. Not to mention the shoelaces and soles that can slip them up! A little forethought and checking can help parents make a safer and yes, smarter choice.


To ensure real comfort:

There are 5 checks that ensure the online footwear is really comfortable.

  • First thing, the toe area must have comfort space and be flexible. If the toes section is very narrow and stiff, children can develop various problems like ingrown toenails and a change in their gait!
  • Secondly, the heel area must be strong to take the push children give when they run. If the heel area is weak, there are more chances of children tripping and falling. Or, the shoes just jumping off their feet!
  • Thirdly, the body of the shoe must be strong to bear the heavy duty running of the children. If it is soft and twisty, it can actually lead to ankle twists and falls.
  • Fourthly, the heel must be right. Children should never, ever wear high heels till their feet are fully formed. However parents must also ensure the sandal is not completely flat for that will cause problems too. The soles must cushion the activities of the children and be able to support them
  • Fifthly, children’s footwear must always be a little more than the feet size. This allows the growing feet to have room to move and breathe. Parents should make sure the top of the shoe doesn’t press on the toes or the toenails. Look for shoes with rounded toe boxes for they allow more space for children to flex their toes and feet.

To ensure real safety:

It’s important for the sole of children’s footwear to have a good ground grip. Children run without thinking and they require sold footing so as to not slip and hurt themselves. This is very important, for most schools have tiled flooring which can be slippery, especially if children spill water or juice or paint.

Belts and Velcro are better than laces which can trip the children when they are running around. If it is laces then they must be tied correctly.


VKC‘s range of kids footwear has been created for the comfort, well being and joy of wearing them! Check them out today!

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