How important is footwear in providing comfort for your feet?

A 40,000 year history of feet comforts – where and how it all began…

While it is easy to accessorize our wardrobes with fancy footwear, it is highly important to look for several features when buying them! How wonderfully, a simple human need is now a fast growing industry of its own!

VKC prioritizes comfort and longevity.
Today, as trends change and fashion evolve; main qualities of footwear have remained unchanged, despite the fact that shades, materials and designs did. However, VKC caters to the most prioritized features – comfort and durability!

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Footwear was discovered for feet protection and good health.
When footwear was first discovered to protect the feet from external influences and getting hurt, it is a style statement today. Sadly, comfort and other important aspects of buying and wearing footwear of any kind have been misunderstood and forgotten.

Feet health must be prioritized while footwear shopping.
The pain of tired and sore feet is ignored in the race to look fashionable and in. High heels and pointed foot space have all gotten into our way and have made our feet really uncomfortable and sad! It is extremely important to keep in mind health and comfort of our feet when buying footwear.
Issues of the feet – more than just a shoe bite…

Pointed heels affect the tissues around the toe, leaving it hurting and swollen. This condition is known as Morton’s Neuroma, which requires surgery to recover from!

The magic of simplicity – sandals and chappals becoming mainstream
We, at VKC believe in the magic of sandals – what casual sandals and chappals can do to your overall health while being completely stylish and sassy is what we strive for and catering it to both men and women is a victory in itself!

Comfortable footwear indicates comfortable movement of the entire body!
Not wearing the right footwear put pressure on the back, ankles, hips and knees leading to further health issues. Walking in VKC products give you the grip and the look!

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Proper blood circulation is very important when it comes to good health.
Another issue faced by people due to uncomfortable footwear is varicose veins. Wearing tight fitting shoes do not allow proper blood flow to the feet, thus pooling it near the veins!

Discomfort in footwear will affect the way we walk and move – damaging the natural shape and size of our feet! Hence, adjustable straps and Velcro is what we believe in…

VKC has more to offer than you think – from variety to colors to designs… Choose wisely…
There are a lot of varieties, colors, designs and brands when it comes to footwear lately. Choosing from them is a task in itself. However, choose wisely. Choose comfort and feet health first. The rest will fall in place by itself. Check out the variety of comfortable and stylish sandals and casuals at VKC. You can now also visit our website to know the kind of collection we have for both men and women.

Fashion is in how comfortable you are in what you wear!!
Feet Health is Good Health… Remember to not forget your feet health!

Knowing Slippers, Flip-flops and Sandals.

There are varieties of footwear in the fashion world today. The most comfortable and casual footwear are slippers, flip flops and sandals.

There are distinctive features that differentiate each of them. All three are meant to provide comfort and ease of walking along with better feet health when compared to wearing closed shoes or high heels all the time.

Slippers are comfortable slip-ons that are worn inside the house. They are easy to wear and take off. They are cozy and soft. Men’s slippers are different from women’s slippers in their shapes, sizes and designs.

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Flip flops are on a higher range compared to slippers. They are more of a ‘beach wear’ type. They have a strap or thong on the front where the toes rest. They are comfortable and casual – easy to walk around in and most often water proof.

Sandals are casual footwear worn to parties, to hang-out with friends, to a walk along the road, to office (if paired well) – pretty much anywhere. Sandals are now becoming main stream and are replacing shoes. Men’s sandals are paired with suits and formals these days. Women’s sandals are worn with any outfit whatsoever.

Check out the latest men’s footwear and women’s footwear in the nearest VKC outlet or visit

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What to look for while shopping office footwear for women?

Choosing office wear footwear for women wisely is very important.

While shopping women’s footwear for office, look for:

  • Comfort – Yes! Comfort must be, without any doubt, the first thing to look for while buying footwear for work. Feeling comfortable and easy to move around is key to being able to work efficiently.
  • Minimalistic touch and vibes – In the professional world, everything minimal and ‘quite’ is the best. Do not wear loud yellow high heels to office – especially on a regular day of work!
  • Have thin soles and minimal heels – The reason is simple – running around in heels all day without hurting the feet or spine is just next to impossible. Wear smaller heels (flats preferably) to work to look and feel good all day.
  • Go for the “Classic Office Shades” – The classic office shades are black, brown, beige, grey or blue. Go for footwear of the same shades. This can help women look more in the game.jan 22.1

Office is a place where running around to get a hundred things fixed at the same time happen. Women cannot afford to wear the wrong footwear and feel hurt and low during work. This is why it is important to be mindful of choosing footwear for work.

Check out the wide range of women’s footwear online at the VKC site or visit the nearest store.

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Footwear shopping hacks

Buying the right footwear is an investment in feet health. Fabulous feet come with fabulous choice of footwear.

Foot size – One key factor for footwear shopping for both men and women is considering and knowing the right foot size. Never go for anything bigger or smaller than the actual foot size.

Discomfort – There are many kinds of footwear all over. Choose comfort over anything else. Do not go for footwear that can cause pain to the sole, arches, toe nails or heels. Comfortable footwear means healthy feet.


Check the insides – Always check how comfortable the padding of the footwear is. Always go for soft and comfortable padding to rest the feet in. This can prevent causing blisters, irritations and itchiness.

Stand, walk, check – May it be footwear for women or footwear for men, it has to be proof tested! Stand up with the footwear on, walk around for a while and check how comfortable it feels.

Sandals, slippers and flats are the most comfortable footwear for men and women. These can be great for everyday activities. Slippers for men must keep them light and easy to walk around. This gives them ease and space for their feet to breathe.

Airy and comfortable footwear keeps feet dry and healthy. Always choose footwear that can keep feet dry and clean.

Check out the footwear collection at VKC for men and women online or in the stores. Choose from the best!

Healthy feet means healthy you… Healthy footwear means healthy feet! Choose right!

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What to think of when choosing footwear for men…

Personal style of a person is the foremost thing to keep in mind while buying footwear for men. Only if a man is comfortable in what he wears around, will he ever wear it around! Footwear for men comes in different colors, patterns and styles.

For me who like to keep it traditional and homely, classic black or brown flat sandals would be ideal. Sandals for men can come in different colors and patterns. Choosing slippers for men can be an easy task as long as there is a padded interior in it for comfort and ease in walking.

For men who like to go colorful and funky with what they wear on their feet can go for colorful slippers or chappals – ideal for everyday use.

It is hard to beat quality black or brown leather looking evening slipper or sandal for men. For a late night party or hanging out with friends, nothing is more comfortable than a pair of classy sandals.


Another thing to keep in mind is how much foot space is available – it shouldn’t be too tight or too lose. There should be proper support to the arches. This is very important for people who are on their feet all day and need some “foot rest” during the evenings.

Along with all the said factors, footwear must also keep feet warm. Sandals or slippers, whatever the footwear may be, it must keep feet “climate friendly” – catering to the rains and the summers!

VKC offers huge range of men’s footwear – stylish yet comfortable – best situated for any occasion. Check out the all new collection available at VKC. Visit the nearest VKC store or shop online at Amazon, Flipkart.

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Flat Sandals for Women, Is Today’s Fashion…

There are multiple advantages of going “flats” when it comes to footwear selection. Today, women are looking for comfort and ease while walking than style and fashion that was once controlled by the “heels” section!

Women are multitasking these days – going from gyms to work, taking stairs and walking for lunch! Wearing heels will not be the best thing for such a hustle and packed lifestyle.

Many women are choosing comfortable flat footwear for everyday use as they go with almost every outfit. Ladies footwear is becoming more flat chappals and sandals in the market too, declining the efficacy of high heels in the larger business, according to research.

From being able to jump, run, jog and take the steps to being able to reduce different kinds of health issues caused due to continuously wearing high heels, women are now opting for stylish flip flops and sandals. Severe spinal cord injuries and slip disks are caused due to wearing high heels and walking for too long.


Gone are the days when women dress up for fashion and style. Here are the days when comfort and ease is given more importance. There is nothing more welcoming than style and comfort packed together.

VKC Pride has a wide range of ladies footwear – stylish and comfortable – best suited for everyday activities. Check out the wide range of footwear for women online or in the nearest VKC store!



Ladies! Get ready to shop your Favorite VKC footwear online.

Welcome to the world of “Internet”! Welcome to the “Online World”…

Everything is online these days – from dating to shopping! Buying things online is more like a trend and not a necessity! From grocery to diamonds – everything is available online!

Men and women were initially quite skeptical about buying fashion online. With a lot of trusted dealers all over the place, people are building a friendly emotion towards online shopping.

Buying footwear has always been a task for both men and women – checking the size of the feet and then trying on different pieces… It indeed was a longer process than today. Today, footwear shopping has also come to the “online” limelight.

Almost every brand has an online portal open for online shoppers. A variety of collection of footwear for men and women is displayed in each website.

VKC Pride also displays something very similar – an online platform for men’s and women’s footwear – casual collection for the “all time walkers” – nominally priced and durable stuff…

VKC has a wide range of collection from ladies chappals or flip flops to sandals that can be worn for functions and weddings.

A variety of footwear for men is also in display. From casual chappals for men to smart sandals of various sorts, VKC has kept the men in mind too.

Experience online shopping with VKC and get ready to be surprised.

A very Indian online shopping experience awaits you…

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